Forrest (Woody) Mosten

Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Certified Family Law Specialist

Published Articles by Forrest S. Mosten

Selected Publications of Forrest S. Mosten (February 2017)


(UCLA School of Law and other Law School Course Readers and Training Manuals and Materials not listed)

  • Collaborative Divorce Handbook: Effectively Helping Divorcing Families Without Going to Court
    Jossey-Bass (August 2009)
  • The Complete Guide to Mediation
    2nd Edition (with Elizabeth Potter Scully), ABA (2015), First Edition, 1997
  • Mediation Career Guide
    Jossey-Bass (2001)
  • Forthcoming:
    Family Lawyer’s Guide to Unbundling Legal Services (with Elizabeth Potter Scully)
    ABA (to be published in Spring 2017)
  • Forthcoming:
    Building a Successful Collaborative Practice (with Adam Cordover)
    ABA (to be published in Late 2017)
  • Guest Editor of Special Issues of the Family Court Review
    • Training Mediators for the 21st Century (January 2000)
    • Unbundled Legal Services (January 2002)
    • Collaborative Practice (January 2011)
    • Peacemaking for Divorced Families (April 2015)

Selected Articles

Other Publications of Mr. Mosten include:

  • Peacemaking Within a Collaborative Practice
    11 Collaborative Review (Spring 2010)
  • Peacemaking for Divorcing Families in the Era of Shrinking Court Budgets and An Uncertain Financial Future
    AFCC News (Winter 2010)
  • Top Ten Tips for Using an Unbundled Approach to Expand Your Services and Build Your Practice
    AFCC News (April 2010)
  • The Uniform Collaborative Law Act’s Contribution to Informed Client Decision Making in Choosing a Dispute Resolution Process
    (with John Lande) Hofstra Law Review (2010)
  • Perceived Power Imbalances and Opportunities for Resolution
    Ellen Waldman, Ethics in Mediation (2010)
  • Introduction to ACR Magazine Special Issue on Marketing Peacemaking Practices
    ACR Magazine (Spring 2009)
  • Collaborative Lawyers’ Duties to Screen Cases for Appropriateness and Obtain Client Consent
    (with John Lande) AFCC News (Spring 2009)
  • Unbundling Legal Services: Increasing Legal Access for Divorcing Families
    Chapter in K.B. Olson and N. Ver Steegh (eds.), Innovations in Family Law Practice. Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (2008)
  • Secrets to Successful Mediation Practice, Parts I, II, and III
    ABA Dispute Resolution Just Resolutions (Summer and Fall 2007)
  • Review of Margaret S. Herrman, Bridging Theory, Research, and Practice
    Family Court Review (January 2007)
  • Family Legal Education Reform Project: The Future of Family Law
    Family Court Review (January 2007)
  • Advanced Mediator Moves, Parts I and II
    (with Diana Mercer) ACR Family Section (Fall 2006)
  • Lynn Jacob, Model of Family Peacemaker
    Family Mediation News (2006)
  • Intake Should Be Your Primary Marketing Strategy
    ABA Dispute Resolution Just Resolutions (January 2006)
  • Institutionalization of Mediation
    Family Court Review (April 2004)
  • What’s the Big Deal About Unbundling
    ABA Law Practice Management (2003)
  • The Evolving Field of Mediation in the United States
    Bond Law Review (2001)
  • Using Your Duty to Inform as a Marketing Tool
    ADR Report (April 2001)
  • Unbundling Legal Services: Servicing Clients Within Their Ability To Pay
    ABA Judge’s Journal (Winter 2001)
  • Making Mediation Your Day Job: 15 Tips To Make Mediation Your Career
    Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Newsletter (Fall 2000)
  • Prenuptial Agreements in California
    Australian Family Law Conference (April 2000)
  • Peacemaking Can Be Your Day Job
    SPIDR Newsletter (Winter/Spring 2000)
  • Mediation and the Process of Family Law Reform
    Family and Conciliation Court Review (October 1999)
  • Unbundled Legal Services in Mediation
    ADR Report (November 1999)
  • Unbundling Your Mediation Services
    ADR Report (October 1999)
  • Written Mediation Agreements and Settlement Stipulations
    DRS Newsletter (Fall 1998)
  • Family Mediation Research Facts (1998)
  • Recent Developments in Mediation
    LACBA News and Review (Summer 1998)
  • Eleven Questions Most Commonly Asked About Mediation
    The Matrimonial Law Monthly (September 1997)
  • Our Own Communication is Important Too with Jeff Kichaven
    SCMA News (November 1997)
  • Unbundling Legal Services: What Lawyers Should Know Before They Make Their Move
    The Hennepin Lawyer (August 1997)
  • Increasing Access to Legal Services
    Public Interest Law Reporter (Spring 1997)
  • Unbundling Legal Services
    Oregon State Bar Bulletin (January 1997)
  • Mediation in Divorce Cases: Two Views
    (with Phyllis Gangel-Jacob) Trial Magazine, Journal of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (August 1997)
  • Unbundling: The Future of Family Law Practice
    American Journal of Family Law (Spring 1997)
  • The Lawyer As Dispute Resolution Manager
    Family Law News And Review (Spring 1995)
  • The Lawyer’s Role During Agreement-Making
    American Journal of Family Law (Spring 1997)
  • Unbundling Legal Services
    International Legal Practitioner (June 1996)
  • Muscle Mediation
    The Recorder (July 1996)
  • Legal Pioneer Stephen Z. Meyers: The Best the ‘60’s Had to Offer
    Los Angeles Daily Journal, (1996)
  • Preventing Future Conflict Through Legal Wellness Check-Ups
    Preventive Law Reporter (Fall 1996)
  • Advocacy Has Its Price
    Los Angeles Daily Journal (1996)
  • Preventive Mediation in Blended Families
    Dispute Resolution Magazine, ABA, Dispute Resolution Section (Volume 3, Number 1, 1996)
  • Louis M. Brown: Prophet and Friend
    Preventive Law Reporter (1996)
  • Louis Brown’s Legacy
    Los Angeles Daily Journal, (1996)
  • Tribute to Louis M. Brown (1909-1996)
    Beverly Hills Bar Association (November 1996)
  • Emerging Roles of the Family Lawyer: A Challenge for the Courts
    Family and Conciliation Court Review (April 1995)
  • The Client Library: Law Firm’s Preventive Law Classroom
    Preventive Law Reporter (Fall 1995)
  • Coaching the Pro Se Litigant
    Compleat Lawyer (January 1995)
  • In re Jacoby & Meyers
    Los Angeles Daily Journal (November 1995)
  • Client Centered Consultation and ADR
    (with Robert S. Redmount) International Legal Practitioner (1995)
  • Unbundling Legal Services
    Association of Certified Family Law Specialists (September 1994)
  • Louis M. Brown: His Work in Preventive Law Receives Long Awaited Recognition
    Preventive Law Reporter (June 1994)
  • Individual Mediation Training and Supervision
    Newsletter of Southern California Mediation Association 4 (May 1994)
  • World Class Mediators
    Los Angeles Daily Journal (September 28, 1994)
  • Mediation in the Era of Association of Direct Calendaring
    Newsletter (California) Certified Family Law Specialists 5 (April 1994)
  • The Case for a National Legal Health Strategy
    (with Thomas H. Gonser) Preventive Law Reporter (Summer 1993)
  • Avoiding Trial in Family Law: ADR Options and Methods
    Los Angeles Lawyer (September 1993)
    Originally submitted for the Sino-American Conference on Mediation, May 5-9, 1992, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  • Mediation Makes Sense: International Custody Mediation
    ABA Family Advocate (Spring 1993)
  • Mediation and Prevention of Business Disputes
    Beverly Hills Bar Journal (Summer 1993, pages 105-108)
  • ADR and Corporate Values of Financial Institutions
    California League of Savings (1992)
  • Lou Brown — Preventive Law and World Harmony
    Preventive Law Reporter (December 1991)
  • The Violent Family: Psychological Dynamics and Their Effect on the Lawyer-Client Relationship
    (with Nancy Kaser-Boyd) Family Law News (1991)
  • The Violent Family: Part II Intervention Strategies for the Family Lawyer
    (with Nancy Kaser-Boyd) Family Law News (1991)
  • The Role of Law Office Consultant in Dispute Resolution and Preventive Law
    America Law Institute (1989)
  • The Duty to Explore Settlement: Beyond Garris v. Severson
    California State Bar Family Law News (September 1989)
  • Confidential Mini-Evaluation
    Family and Conciliation Courts Review, Vol. 30, No. 3 (July 1992)
  • Role of Consulting Lawyer in Private Mediation
    Los Angeles County Bar Family Law News and Review (Vol. X, No. 3, Summer 1989)
  • Preventive Planning in the Resolution of Dispute
    Denver Law Review (Vol. 64, Page 441, 1988)
  • The Option of Private Family Law Mediation
    (with Sara E. Wasserstrom) Beverly Hills Bar Journal (1988)
  • Representing Clients in Private Mediation
    Family Law News and Review (Vol. 8, Page 23, Fall 1987)
  • The Role of the Therapist in the Co-Mediation of Divorce: An Exploration by a Lawyer-Mediator Team
    (with Barbara Biggs) Journal of Divorce (Volume 9(2), Winter 1985/96)
  • Editor and Contributor: How to Provide Legal Services to Middle Income Clients Profitably
    State Bar of California (1985)
  • Introduction of Special Issue on Client Counseling
    Creighton Law Review (Vol. 18, 1984-1985)
  • Model Mediation Agreement — Used by lawyer mediators throughout the country (1982 and revised annually)
    Cited in The Attorney as Mediator – Inherent Conflict of Interest? UCLA Law Review (Page 986, 1985)
  • Retaining a Lawyer: Your Rights As a Client
    Los Angeles Artist Equity News (1982)
  • Finding Yourself a Lawyer and Judging Quality
    Los Angeles Artist Equity News (1981)

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