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Mediation and Collaborative Law Training Courses

Developing a Profitable and Satisfying Collaborative Practice

Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Trainer with Kevin Scudder, Associate Trainer

Overview of the Training

This training is geared for divorce professionals who have expressed a desire to transition their practice from a litigation model to a more client-centered divorce process. The first step in this transition was your completion of the Basic Collaborative Training. Motivated by your new insights and perspectives, many of you have taken a second step and expressed your commitment to Collaborative Practice through your active participation in practice groups, attendance at the IACP Forum and other peacemaker conferences, and the investment of your time and money to participate in advanced trainings to build your skills.

Despite such efforts, most Collaborative Practitioners find that they are still making the vast majority of their income as a Warrior in the adversarial system, as opposed to a Peacemaker in the Collaborative model. This has caused many professionals who have been trained Collaboratively to become less active within their practice groups and even consider abandoning their Collaborative practice altogether.

This disconnect between one’s passion for Collaborative Practice and its economic return is a tension that has led to this training. We have designed this course to address this tension experienced by practitioners who want to transition their practice from one steeped in the adversarial model to one based on Collaboration. Our intention in offering this class is to provide you ideas, resources, and to demonstrate proven models of new ways of practice from which you can gain personal satisfaction and increased income from your peacemaking work.

We teach this class from differing backgrounds, length of professional experience, and life perspectives. Woody uses his 40 years as an innovative law and mediation practitioner and trainer to go beyond the successful Master Class that he taught with Pauline Tesler in 2011-2012. Kevin, a member of the cutting edge Cypress Collaborative Solutions Practice Group in Seattle, WA, a frequent contributor on Collaborative social media sites and a featured blogger of the IACP professional page, shares lessons learned from his own challenges and joys of giving up litigation and successfully transitioning into a full time peacemaking practice.

We enjoy training together and have every confidence that this training will accelerate the timeframe in which you can transition your practice from litigation to Collaboration and, at the same time, to replace or exceed the revenue that you currently earn.

This training is fast paced and interactive and has been customized for a two day time period to be affordable to practice groups so that you can participate in this training at the lowest price, in your own community (without expensive travel costs), and with a minimum time out of your office.

Woody Mosten and Kevin Scudder


Day 1

9:00 a.m. Registration
9:30 a.m.

Developing Your Peacemaking Signature

  • A Commitment to Collaborative Excellence
  • Developing Your Collaborative Signature
  • Utilizing Congruent Peacemaking Values to Make a Transition to New Paradigm Service Delivery
  • Improve Negotiation Strategies by Moving From Debate to Discussion to Reflective Connected Dialogue
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m.

Offering Peacemaking Services that Clients Will Buy

Stepping Out of Your Collaborative Comfort Zone: Using Your Peacemaking Skills in Different Models

  • Closed and Open Practice Group Referrals;
  • Working with Untrained Collaborative Professionals;
  • Collaborative and Cooperative;
  • Unbundling within Collaborative Practice;
  • Collaborative Consultation in Mediations; and,
  • Unbundled Legal, Mental Health, and Financial Services to Pro Se Litigants
4:30 p.m. Adjourn

Day 2

9:30 a.m.

The Journey To Becoming A Full Time Peacemaker

  • How Giving Up Litigation and Committing to Peacemaking Will Create a Profit Center for Your Peacemaking Practice
  • How to Make the Transition from a Collaboratively Trained Professional Who Offers Litigation Services to a Fulltime Peacemaker
  • Overcoming Personal and Professional Challenges, Real and Perceived that Prevent the Transition to Full Time Peacemaker
  • Strategies to Maximize Profitability During and After Your Transition
  • The Connection Between Your Profitable Individual Practice and the Success of Your Practice Group
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m.

Planning Your Next Decade As A Profitable Peacemaker Through Daily Baby Steps

  • The Commitment to Collaborative Excellence: A Daily Practice
  • Peacemaker Self-Survey: Highlighting Your Strategic Plan
  • Developing Your Mission Statement
  • Drafting Your Peacemaker Business Plan
  • Redesigning Your Office to Become a Client Education and Support Center
  • Visioning Your Practice for Profitability and Personal Satisfaction
4:30 p.m.

Training Concludes

Your Transition To Full Time Peacemakeing Starts Today

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