Forrest (Woody) Mosten

Mediator and Collaborative Attorney

Certified Family Law Specialist

Upcoming Presentations by Forrest S. Mosten

In addition to conducting trainings and individual supervision in Los Angeles, Mr. Mosten actively trains and presents at conferences world wide. See below for topics that he has addressed and venues where he has trained and given conference presentations.

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The following schedule is subject to change and availability is determined by the sponsoring organizations.

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January 2014

Top of Schedule

Jan 21-25

Los Angeles, CA


40 Hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training

Register at

This training is SOLD OUT. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list, please fully fill out the course registration and submit it. In past sold out courses, up to five participants have been selected from the waiting list at the last minute. Your credit card will not be charged unless a place opens up, our training office contacts you, and you confirm your registration in the January 2013 course.

Due to the popularity of Mr. Mosten’s training courses and his limitation of two Basic Divorce Mediation Trainings per year with a maximum of 18 participants per course, every Basic Divorce Training course sells out months in advance. In addition to being placed on the waiting list for January, we recommend that you register immediately for the September 2013 training.

February 2014

Top of Schedule

Feb 9

San Francisco, CA

AFCC-CA Annual Conference

“Back to the Future: Serving California’s Changing Families”
Complex Family Law Collaborative Cases

(with Mary Lund, Anthony Aloia, and Fred Glassman, Co-Presenters)

Contact: Marilyn Pallister

Feb 12

Los Angeles, CA

Mediator and Collaborative Professional Consultation Group

This group for newer Mediators and Collaborative Practitioners focuses on advanced concepts, skills, discusses current cases, and practice building strategies.

Contact: Karen Rosin

Feb 21-22

Seattle, WA

Developing a Profitable and Satisfying Collaborative Practice:
Getting More Collaborative Cases

With Kevin Scudder, Associate Trainer

Contact: Kevin Scudder

Feb 28

Phoenix, AZ

Master Mediation Training

Contact: Ruth Busby

March 2014

Top of Schedule

Mar 12

Los Angeles, CA

Mediator and Collaborative Professional Consultation Group

This group for newer Mediators and Collaborative Practitioners focuses on advanced concepts, skills, discusses current cases, and practice building strategies.

Contact: Karen Rosin

Mar 26

Beverly Hills, CA

LA Confidential: Mediation Confidentiality and its Impact on Your Family Law Case

With Elizabeth Potter Scully and Larry Ginsberg

Beverly Hills Bar Association Family Law Section


April 2014

Top of Schedule

Apr 2-4

Miami, FL

ABA Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting

Using Unbundling and Limited Scope Services to Build Your Practice


Apr 7-8

Coral Gables, FL

Developing a Profitable and Satisfying Collaborative Practice:
Getting More Collaborative Cases

With Enid Miller Ponn, Associate Trainer

Contact: Enid Miller Ponn

Apr 9-12

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten
International Client Consultation Competition

Affiliated with the International Bar Association


May 2014

Top of Schedule

May 2

Saratoga, NY

New York State Council on Divorce Mediation

40 Things Every Mediator Should Know

Contact: Daniel Burns

May 2

Saratoga, NY

New York State Council on Divorce Mediation

Using Peacemaking Values to Build Your Practice

Contact: Daniel Burns

May 5

New York City, NY

Cardozo School of Law

Master Training for Mediators and Collaborative Law Professionals:
Advanced Strategies for High Conflict Mediations

With Lela Love and Ken Neumann

Contact: Ken Neumann

May 16-17

Chicago, IL

Developing a Profitable and Satisfying Collaborative Practice:
Getting More Collaborative Cases

With Carl Michael Rossi

Contact: Carl Michael Rossi

June 2014

Top of Schedule

Jun 17

London, England

Justice Without Legal Aid:
What Can We Learn From America?

A Conversation with Sir Geoffrey Bindman and Professor Forrest Mosten

Contact: Andrea Coomber

Jun 19

London, England

First UCL International Conference on Access to Justice and Legal Services

The Lawyer as Collaborative, Unbundled, and Preventive Peacemaker
(with Sir Geoffrey Bindman, Co-Presenter)

Contact: Professor Nigel Balmer

Jun 20

London, England

Developing a Profitable and Satisfying Collaborative and Mediation Practice


September 2014

Top of Schedule

Sep 5-6

Minneapolis, MN

Developing a Profitable and Satisfying Collaborative Practice:
Getting More Collaborative Cases

With Ron Ousky, Associate Trainer

Contact: Ron Ousky

Sep 16-20

Los Angeles, CA

40 Hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training

Register at

Sep 25-26

Lincoln, NB

University of Nebraska School of Law

Address and Workshop in honor of the Establishment of
The Professor Alan Frank Client Counseling Program

Contact: Professor Alan Frank

October 2014

Top of Schedule

Oct 16-19

San Diego, CA

Academy of Professional Family Mediators
Casting a Wider Net in the Ocean of Family Mediation

Keynote Address

Contact: Rod Wells

November 2014

Top of Schedule

Nov 7

Boston, MA

Developing a Profitable and Satisfying Collaborative Practice:
Getting More Collaborative Cases

With David Hoffman, Co-Trainer

Contact: David Hoffman

Nov 13-15

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

3 Day Divorce-Real Estate Intermediate Mediation Training

Collaborative Divorce Professionals of the Inland Empire

Contact: Laurel Starks

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2015 Schedule 2014

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World Wide Conference Keynotes, Trainings and Teaching

Mr. Mosten is in constant demand to present to mediators, lawyers, and other professional groups throughout the world. Details on his upcoming speaking schedule (click on calendar) and to arrange booking (click on my email and phone).

Training Mediators and Collaborative Professionals in Germany 

Following his appointment and service as Distinguised ADR Scholar in Residence at the University of Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, the Director of the Summer Institute (in conjunction with Tulane University in New Orleans) wrote the following:

“Your (Mr. Mosten’s) presence was inspiring for the students and the faculty. I read the program evaluations turned in by the students and I cannot refrain from quoting some of the several very enthusiastic comments you received:

  • Excellent
  • Patient
  • Very knowledgeable
  • Fantastic
  • Informative
  • Teaching style very clear and straight forward
  • Best professor
  • Very accommodating
  • best advice and feedback
  • Calm
  • Positive
  • Warm
  • Helpful
  • Amazing

From Karl-Michael Schmidt
Director, Insitut Fur Anwaltsrecht, Humboldt University
Berlin, Germany… August 11, 2008.

Following Mr. Mosten’s 2009 Advanced Training at the University of Munich, Olaf Preuss, General Manager of the Center of Negotiation and Mediation reported the following reactions of the participants:

Front row, sitting: Michaela Blickling, Eva Huber, F. Mosten, Olaf Preuss, Christina Pennant. Back row, standing: Slavica Markovic, Andi Tietz, Pascal Baumannn, Marc Friedrich, Rupert von Katzler, Tilman Müller-Stoy, Isabel Cagala, Anne Bercher, Amelie Wolf, Maximilian Dressler, Jody Mosten

Strengths of the training:

  • The very skilled teacher
  • Achieved presenters competence felt
  • Hands-on advice
  • It was excellent as it was
  • Mr. Mosten’s treasure of experience
  • Very practical
  • The training has by far exceeded my expectations, which were high!

Suggestions for improving the training:

  • Make it a week-end
  • More opportunities for participants to practice the techniques” 

I think, it becomes obvious that we all were very satisfied by the training and very glad to have you here in Munich. Therefore, I would very much like to welcome you in Munich soon again.

In preparation for the next training we should discuss about the time you could spend teaching. Given your outstanding experience and knowledge of the matter, we should think of a two day training. Preferably on Friday/Saturday to have more professionals in the audience.

With warm personal regards, and full of gratitude,

Olaf Preuss
General Manager

Topics of Mr. Mosten’s Presentations

  • Advanced Mediation Strategies to Resolve Conflict
  • Working with Lawyers as Allies and Resources in Settlement and Mediation
  • Unbundling and New Lawyering Roles to Improve Legal Access
  • Cutting Edge Caucus Strategies in Mediation and Collaborative Law
  • Interest Based Negotiation Strategies
  • Hot Issues and Trends in Mediation
  • Training for Conflict Resolution Trainer
  • Consultation and Feedback of Cases Presented by Conference Participants
  • Utilizing a Confidential Mini Evaluation for Experts in Mediation and Collaborative Law
  • Building a Successful Career and Peacemaking Practice

Click here to view a list of Mr. Mosten’s publications.

Sponsoring Organizations

Scholar in Residence at Law Schools and Universities

Kyoto University

Hameline School of Law

Tulane School of Law

Pepperdine School of Law

University of California, Riverside

University of Humboldt (Berlin, Germany)
in partnership with Tulane School of Law

University of Idaho (Moscow)

University of San Diego

Conference Keynote Addresses

ABA Prepaid Legal Services Conference

Arkansas Conflict Resolution Association

Association for Conflict Resolution, Central California Chapter

Connecticut Mediation Association

Florida AFCC

Heartland Mediation Association

Iowa Mediation Association

Japanese Lawyer Association

Minnesota Mediation Association

National Unbundling Conference (Maryland Legal Services)

New York Mediation Association

Oklahoma Mediation Association

Oregon State Bar Unbundling Conference

Resolution (UK)

Southern California Mediation Association

and many, many more…

Basic and Advanced Courses in Your Community

Association of California Family Law Specialists

Better Divorce—South Bay Collaborative Practice Group (CA)

California State Bar

Canadian Family Law Conference

Cape Town and Durban (South Africa)

Indiana State Bar Continuing Legal Education

Family Law Council of Australia

Family Mediation Council of Louisiana

Florida Association of Professional Mediators

Hawaii State Bar

Idaho State Bar

Law Society of England

Los Angles County Bar Association

Los Angeles Family Collaborative Family Law Association

Maricopa Bar Association (Phoenix, AZ)

Michigan Collaborative Law Practice Group

Michigan Council for Divorce Mediation

Michigan Institute for Continuing Legal Education

New Jersey Association of Mediators

New York : CoNYSCRO

Oklahoma Mediation Association

Omaha Bar Association/Creighton University

Oregon State Bar, San Francisco Bar Association

Resolution UK

San Diego Bar Association

San Francisco Bar Association

San Gabriel Collaborative Practice Group (CA)

Scottish Mediation Network

St. Johns, Newfoundland

Swiss Bar Association, Bern, Switzerland


University of South Florida

Utah State Bar Association

Ventura Collaborative Practice Group (CA)

Wisconsin Association of Mediators

Comments from Professionals About Forrest Mosten’s Trainings

The following are just a few reactions of professionals who have seen Mr. Mosten's conference presentations or attended his trainings.

“I attended a presentation on mediation and collaborative law by Woody Mosten at the RESOLUTION, UK Conference in Bournmouth, England in April 2006. I was impressed by Mr. Mosten's innovative approach to family law and peacemaking. Due to Woody's inspiration, I took Collaborative Law Training and my career is progressing in ways I never dreamed of.”
Neil Denny, Solicitor
Member The Family Lawyers Collaborative Lawyers Organisation
Trowbridge, England
“Woody, all the feedback we are receiving about your training from our members is very positive. Thank you for the energy careful thought you devoted to the planning and presentation of the program. I will definitely be speaking with our board about having you return to New Jersey as soon as possible.
Anju Jessani
President Of NJAPM

Following a May 2007 training for the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, Carl Cangelosi, the conference co-chair and a professional mediator trainer himself, wrote the following:

“Thanks again for coming to New Jersey and presenting the seminar. I thought you might like to see some of the comments that we received. Thank you also for your generosity in providing the training participants with  mountains of helpful materials and even sending the powerpoints of your presentaton.”

“I thought his presentation style was excellent. I learned more from him than I did in prior advanced training sessions. While brevity is a virtue, that’s not the case with Mr. Mosten’s training and I thought that he needed more time than we gave him to make it more effective.”

“Fabulous program on May 5th with Mr. Mosten, I would like to see more of that, and do more in depth work.”

“What a terrific seminar.”

“In the training workshops conducted in April 2007, the real star was Woody Mosten. The feedback I received from my colleagues was that he is brilliant and it has been too long since he was last in Australia. I would love to see us get him back for a repeat performance if this marries in with his diary commitments.”
Susan Purdon, Family Lawyer
Partner, Hopgood Gannim,
Brisbane, Australia
Member, Family Law Council of Australia

“The presenter was fantastic: very entertaining throughout the day. His consistent modeling was empowering in itself. The concrete examples, suggested materials (books and movies), and his handouts are greatly appreciated and provide several tools for the various professions present.”

“Well worth the 600 mile round trip.”

Attendee evaluations from a March 2007 Advanced Mediation Training
for the Family Mediation Council of Louisiana

Mr. Mosten keynotes conferences and offers training throughout the world. If you want him to travel to your community, please Contact: Us.

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Certified Family Law Specialist
Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California